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Human Beans Together...

Human Beans Together       

About us

We are a loose organization of volunteers (OK, some would say we are a "disorganization") who serve a hot lunch every Sunday to homeless and other disadvantaged people in Raleigh, NC. 

In January of 2012, we began by bringing a single pot of homemade soup to share with hungry folks in Raleigh's Moore Square. After that humble beginning, the numbers of meals we served each week grew quickly as did the number of volunteers: Since mid 2012, we have typically served upwards of 150 meals each Sunday, and we have surpassed 200 quite a number of times. Assuming a conservative average of 150 per week, this means our intrepid band of volunteers served over 46,000 meals through 2017. Beginning in 2018, further calculations will be predicated on a WAG of 175 meals per week.

In mid-2014, we and other groups partnered with the City of Raleigh to create and serve in the Oak City Outreach Center, located directly across the street from where we had been serving in the park.  

We are a secular charitable organization having no outside affiliations, no message and no agenda, other than a desire to help our fellow human "beans."

Volunteers are most definitely always welcome and appreciated (click to learn how to participate)!

We appreciate cash donations, which can be made by visiting our “$cashtag” or via the PayPal button to the right.  Please note that using our $cashtag results in our receiving 100% of your donation, as, unlike PayPal, Square Cash charges no fees.